Feb/15: Mission Partners

Tim and Rachel Nunn, Ethiopia

Tim is involved in reconstructive surgery for children in the CURE Hospital in Addis Adaba. Rachel is planning to work in the establishment of a primary health care system. They have 3 children.

We give thanks for:

The fifty friends of a CURE patient who accepted Jesus into their lives, and pray for the local church that they will be able to pastor them.

Rachel's progress at language school and the relationships she is building; with the Dean of the Postgraduate Family Practice faculty and the leader of the medical student Christian Union. We pray that God will continue to make clear His plans for Rachel's ministry in Addis.

The increasingly complex operations that Tim has been able to perform and the encouraging stories he has shared with us; Manush and Bethlehem’s stories. For Manush, that the operation on his legs will be successful and lead to a completely new and improved quality of life. For Bethlehem whose strong faith has brought her through serious health issues and pray for her as she considers further medical options.

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