Roots Weekend Away 2015

10385549_387173714777235_6842169974043896438_n Roots, our 11-18s Network, spent a weekend away together in January. 33 young people went to the Emmaus Centre in Scarborough for time to grow as a community and grow in their relationship with Jesus.

“It was amazing; really fun!”

What is the best part of being a leader for these young people? The best part about being a leader for these young people is seeing them grow into the men and women God created them to be. When you get a glimpse of them understanding their true identity it is so exciting. It is also really fun; you can't hang out with a bunch of young people and take yourself too seriously! They are an incredible group of young people and I love them. It’s the greatest privilege and joy.

“The weekend was an amazing place to have open chats; I feel like a weight has been lifted.”


“My highlight was ‘God on the beach’; we can meet Jesus in different places!”


“Good to spend time mixing fun activities and gospel teaching away from home and church.  It’s really important to meet God in different contexts, like ‘God on the beach’.”


What was your highlight? There are so many. One was seeing some of the older Roots members get alongside and support the younger youth. Seeing young people share in communion together was wonderful and it is always a highlight when you see young people meeting with Jesus by His Spirit.

“I really met with God in the talks.”


“God spoke through prophetic words.”


“God exceeded my expectations.”

What did you see God doing? I saw God drawing a community of young people together who will be able to encourage each other in their walks with Jesus; I saw a new hunger from the young people to know what it means to follow Jesus in their schools.  I also saw young people set free through the power of the word and the spirit.

“I’ve found more opportunities to talk about going to church with friends!”


“We have created a group chat on Facebook which has been really helpful and encouraged me to be a Christian at school, knowing we are supporting each other.”

I see God building a strong community of young people and placing in them a desire to show Jesus to those around them. It is so exciting to watch God transform young people's lives.

What can St G’s pray for Roots? Please pray for protection, for confidence in who God is, their identity and their calling, for strengthening of relationships.

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