"...feeling stronger in my faith, and more motivated than ever to live it out."


Chris Balding, Assistant Student Pastor, shares some of the highlights from the student ministry. I am hearing students tell stories of how God is working in and through them to see gospel freedom develop. One student told me how he started reading the Bible with one of his non-Christian house mates, who has now become a Christian. I hear about students meeting together in accountability groups, to challenge and pray for each other and how they are getting involved in the youth, children’s and Lighthouse teams, playing key roles in the life of the Church.

We’ve had an incredible month in the student ministry; there have been 2 different Christian Union events weeks, a Weekend Away and an Art Exhibition! We’ve impacted over 500 students in different ways in different situations.

We’ve supported the events weeks at the Universities as much as we can, sending Dan and I to speak at various events. Leeds Beckett CU gathered thirty people for a meal and a message as well as a pub quiz where Dan spoke on ‘What is true love?’. Leeds Beckett CU President said:

"We really appreciate the support of the St G’s student team in planning and running events."

It’s great to be able to assist students in reaching their peers and doing mission on campus.

We took over 70 students away for a weekend to the Dales in February. We had some great teaching on the Sermon on the Mount, dug deeper into the bible and built community. John, one of our students commented:

"I came back feeling stronger in my faith, and more motivated than ever to live it out."

The highlight of the month has definitely been the Art Exhibition, run by the Leeds College of Art CU, hosted here at St George’s. It was the most incredible opportunity to invite a whole bunch of people who might never step into church and welcome them inside the building; many comments were made about how it’s such a welcoming place. Over the 4 days we saw about 400 people come through the doors, including about a quarter of all the students at the art college. Lucy, the LCA CU president said:

"St G’s plays a massive role in helping us to do mission. It provides support that means we’re able to do bigger things, and it feels less scary to know that there are people praying for us and cheering us on."

Pray for the new generation of leaders in the CUs as the committees hand over later this year. Pray for the new set of leaders in Networks as we make plans for the next year. Pray that we can extend our influence in the student community in Leeds to reach more people and make disciples.

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