March/15: Mission Partners

Hugh and Heather Nelson, and Tomo and Jun

Hugh and Heather lead a small church in rural Japan.  Here is some of their latest news:

We thank God that several men are going to their church, interested in the Christian faith. Please pray for 16 yr old Hikari, also Mr S, Mr W, and WT. (Names Protected)

Hugh spoke at a Rural Japan mission conference earlier this month. Please pray that God will encourage current workers and call more people to work in rural Japan. Especially pray for two individuals, Simeon and Aurore, from France, who are helping Hugh and Heather  for three months and praying about working with them long term.

Please pray for Tomo, who boards weekly at an international high school in Tokyo, and Jun who attends a local Japanese junior high school. Pray for God's protection and guidance for them.

About 18 months ago God told Hugh and Heather very clearly to pray for and visit the fishing village of Heda, which has no church. They are excited that two Christians, one who is Japanese, are now praying and seriously considering working there. Please ask God for workers in Heda, and to help reach our whole Peninsula. 

Find out more about mission partners at St George's on our website.