Mission Partner Update

Jonathan & Laura, Leeds

At the end of October we set off on the plane from Manchester filled with excitement for an event that only happens once every three years – our team, working all over the world, meets up face to face.  This was ‘Harvest ‘15’ – a five-day conference in Germany for members of our organisation working in Bible translation for three countries in West Asia. It was such a joy to spend time with fellow-workers, many of whom we had not seen for three years, and also to meet many new faces.  During the conference we heard news of the progress of work in each of the three countries, shared in fellowship, worship and prayer and had the opportunity to take part in workshops, both pastoral and work-oriented.

Jonathan and I were particularly looking forward to meeting our mother tongue translator for the first time. He speaks ‘Baran’, a language spoken by over 2 million speakers, and has recently been working on translating the Book of Acts into his language. For a few months we’d been taking part in translation checking sessions with him over Skype (he lives in Germany), so it was very special to meet him in person and share fellowship with him and his daughter and son-in-law. We also enjoyed time with ‘Alan’, the co-ordinator of our translation project, who also lives in Germany.

Now that we are back we are filled with greater excitement about the Bible translation project into Baran. However, we realise how much of a responsibility taking part in the work of Bible translation is and feel the weight of decisions to be made. Which book should we translate next? What would be the most suitable audio-visual products for this people group?

We would very much appreciate your prayers. We still have some support-raising to do before we can formally take up the assignment. We also realise there is a lot to learn, both about the Bible translation project itself, and also technical vocabulary so that we can interpret effectively (from the national language to English and vice-versa) for the Baran translator and the English translation consultant. 

Please thank God with us for the conference and please pray for His will to move forward in each translation project. Please pray for continued good relationships between all involved, including between Alan and us and the translator and his family. Please also pray for peace, trust in God and joy day to day. Thank you!