Mission Partner Update


Sarah works at a school for 5-18 year-olds in the Middle East. Without her school many Christian workers would not be able to afford to stay in the country where God has called them to work with disadvantaged people.  Sarah returned this Autumn to a new role and now oversees the Primary section of the school.  She is responsible for 11 members of staff and 80 children.  Six of the staff members are young and inexperienced, so Sarah is having to mentor these - a role she very much enjoys.

When she visited us in the summer she told us about the need for books to replace the mainly outdated one's in her school library.  Sarah had with her a lengthy list of books that she considered would be useful to rebuild the library and invited people to buy one or more to be delivered directly to her school.  The response from St George's and other friends was amazing.  Sarah writes: "As a result of your generosity, I was able to buy over 200 books for our school library worth about £1500! We now have bolstered our Science and Social Studies resources as well as reading books and phonics aids for the younger children. Thank you :-)" 

Please pray for Sarah as she settles into her new role and as she seeks God's wisdom in how best to train the new teachers.  Pray that she might have peace and joy in her current situation and as she makes decisions about her future.