April/14: Pray for

Points to pray for this month...

Networks to be creative in preparing for June Mission.

The Marriage Course in April - June, for the right people to come and find support and encouragement. Pray also for Mark and Kathryn Harlow as they plan and lead.

Romania Mission Team who are potentially 21 strong from 6 churches across Leeds. Pray that they are able to confirm final numbers and
proceed with bookings smoothly. Pray that they gel well as a team and the 6 new members feel welcomed.
Pray also for Ann Weir as she
leads the team on Mission, planning and preparing.

Annual Church Meeting on 22 April, for the new Church Wardens, PCC and Deanery Synod elections, that the right people will be appointed.

General Election in May, for the most important issues to be well
debated and a new government who will serve our whole nation well.