God loves justice!


With the General Election fast approaching I have 3 things to say as your Pastor.

First, vote. God has given the government of his earth to Adam and Eve and all their descendants; it is our responsibility. We should get involved, as much as we are able, according to our gifts and calling.

Second, think of the poor. How will all the various policies affect people who are struggling, those on the margins of our society, and the bottom Billion in our world who are in extreme poverty.

God loves justice and wants His people to speak up for those who have very little voice or hope in this world.

Open your mouth, defend the rights of the poor and needy.
— Proverbs 31:8-9

Third, pray for the candidates and all aspects of this election; and continue to pray for the new Government and for the spread of the gospel of “Good news for the poor” and of the justice that brings people relief and pleases God.

The Bishops’ letter ‘Who is my neighbour?’ is also worth reading; our website has lots of resources and a link to the letter.

Join us on 26th April for the Leeds Central Hustings event too.