"He can and does intervene when we cry out to Him."

Hannah, Wrangthorn Ministry Assistant and part of the young adult community here at St G’s, shares her story about the recent weekend away with Transit, Salt and Keen & Able Networks.

I work at Wrangthorn, so it’s not often that I get chance to spend time with lots of Christians of my own age. I love the variety of people of different of ages and life stages that I get to interact with day to day, but there was something particularly special about going away with this group of young adults.

Although I’m only loosely connected to the St George’s Networks, I felt fully part of the family and it was wonderful to see community working really well. When the reality is that very few churches have such an abundance of young people, I was reminded again of the value of these relationships which we can so often take for granted. This young adult community and church more broadly is not about us existing in a Christian bubble for our own sake. From this place we’re enabled to bless those around us. We were encouraged to use these relationships as a springboard into mission and living for Jesus, when we’re together and when we’re dispersed.

"This is a reminder that He can and does intervene when we cry out to Him."

Where did you see God at work? The weekend gave me a reminder of God’s love for me, and of His grace. We’re broken people muddling along the best we can, with an incredible God who takes what we offer and does with it more than we could ever imagine. I prayed again for healing from the ‘disequilibrium’ that’s been a problem since a head injury last year, and experienced what felt like a real breakthrough; I was able to stand steadily with a completely clear head and focus on worshipping God, and climb the steps to my cabin without any problem! This is a reminder that He can and does intervene when we cry out to Him.

What can St G’s pray for our young adults? It was great to be part of a community for a weekend worshipping God and refocusing on Him; retreating from the busyness of life but not disengaged from the world outside. We were receiving from God in order to be better equipped at living for Jesus every day, and I’m incredibly grateful for this group of young adults. My prayer for myself and all of us is that we’d be ready and willing to be used by God in whatever He may ask of us, supported by each other with our eyes fixed on God and His Kingdom.