The Diamond - Part 2

Jonathan Clark


We preach Jesus. We make disciples.

Diamonds are forever

Our aim is to makes disciples, for the whole of life. This is what Jesus did. He preached the gospel to the crowds, then he taught those who responded in depth, taking them away, up the mountain. This gave them time to engage with God’s word as taught by him and to be together in community, a new family of God. This is what we are doing in our Networks and Small Groups, in Saturday morning seminars, or by going away to New Wine or Spring Harvest events. We are being discipled by Jesus, together.

Disciple means learner. We are learning to do life, Jesus’ way. This is what the Academy of Life is all about. Our children are getting into it now, with God’s Big Zoo - which uses the same 7 signs of life. Academy of Life will become available through 7 short films on our website later this term. We encourage every Small Group to do the Academy, maybe every year, to see how we are living life Jesus’ way.

Shine on you crazy diamond!

Diamonds are rocks that sparkle and last; so are disciples. If our lives are truly founded on Jesus and his Word - obeying his teaching and responding to his voice - then we will not be washed away by life’s challenges and crises. As well as community in Networks, we also need personal discipline in prayer and Bible reading. This is a habit for a lifetime worth learning. This Lent we will be looking at various Spiritual Disciplines at both the 1030 and 1830 Gatherings, and we are encouraging everyone to try using Scripture Union’s WordLive, which you can get from their website, or by a daily email. 

Our goal is to make disciples for the whole of life. Through every stage of life, through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood; through times of living single or through marriage, retirement, sickness and health, following Jesus right to the end of a life well-lived.

All disciples are tested when put under pressure and when tested some fall like Judas. We should expect this and guard against it. We fall into temptation through the love of money, or lust, or a comfort like alcohol or too much food, or the love of power/importance, or of the contemporary fantasy of a ‘good life’, which never lasts. All these things spoil our lives, make us unproductive, and can lead us away from Christ completely. We are tempted and tested every day but disciples are forever. We keep going, and at the end of this life - a life of fruitfulness and struggle and pain - we inherit the fullness of Jesus’ promises. Trials will come, but if we continue, we will shine like the sun, with Jesus and all his family, in a new world full of wonder and adventure. Shine on, you crazy diamond!

The Here and Now

But we also live life in the here and now. Our aim is to make disciples of Jesus in the whole of life - home life, community life, working life. Jesus calls his people to be salt and light, whether you are in public sector jobs, in the business world, at home looking after children, unemployed or working for charities. Jesus is Lord of it all, he cares for it all, and has a vision for how it all can work together for good. He is looking for partners, co-workers, to share his vision and put it into practice.

At St George's we want to encourage everyone to get out into God’s world and follow God's calling, according to your capacity. Always remembering that God’s world is a good world, but a broken one in rebellion against the creator. We need Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of all, who makes all things new. So as disciples we pray for the broken world we live in, share the good news with colleagues and neighbours, and we never give up hope. Because Jesus is our living Lord and the Father gives him eternal victory.

Disciples are forever. We make disciples.


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