The Diamond - Part 4

Jonathan Clark


Staying on Track

Diamonds are multi-faceted and so is the mission of St George’s, but God has shown us 4 key points to keep us on track. One of our big challenges is knowing which opportunities to respond to. As leader of St George’s Church I get asked to help by many people to participate in many projects, all of which look important. But which should we take up? The Diamond helps me focus: we preach Jesus, we make disciples, we serve the city, we raise and send out leaders. This is our mission from God, this is what we do, and we do all of it in balance, in a rhythm of life that is life-giving.

Industrial Strength

Diamonds have industrial uses- they used for drill tips that cut through rock- and we make a difference in our city by taking on some of the toughest challenges, like homelessness and drug addiction. Broken people from broken homes finding a home in Jesus and among his disciples - this is the calling of the Crypt and Lighthouse, and we have a continuing part to play.

Long Term Leaders

Diamonds are a long-term investment, they keep their value and so does our strategy of multiplying leaders. We are blessed to have so many fine leaders in our church, both young leaders and older leaders as well. I am especially grateful for those who stay a while to continue the work of raising and sending leaders, such as the leaders of our Youth and Children’s work, Church Wardens and members of the Church Council (PCC), leaders of our Overseas Mission Committee and Treasury Team. Some of whom have been here since their youth. They are like diamonds, they are long term pillars placed by God to keep us on track, to keep us raising up and sending out leaders. 

God sends some of our leaders to serve Him overseas. Some he sends to serve primarily in our city, through business, public sector service or through charity and volunteering. Placing people as witnesses of Jesus, to preserve what is good, and to pray and fight against what is not good. Some leaders are sent out to plant new Churches (Riverside) and some to revitalise older churches (Wrangthorn). Over all these situations it is God who does the calling and the sending, but just as Jesus was intentional about praying for and identifying leaders, so are we. 

Through St George's, God is raising leaders in our Children's work, in Roots, in the Student and International student community, in Small Groups and through Internship and ordination.

God makes leaders for the whole of life and we work with him.  This is our calling. This is where our money is spent. This is why we tithe and this is what we give to - a vision from God that is fruitful, and worth investing our lives in.

We preach Jesus, we Make Disciples, we Serve the City, we Send out Leaders.

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