Mission Partner Update

Tim and Rachel Nunn from Leeds are medical missionaries with Serving in Mission, sent by St. George’s to work in Ethiopia in 2014. Together with their three children, Matthew (15) Rebekah (12) and Joel (9) live in the capital, Addis Ababa.

Tim works as a children’s orthopaedic hospital at CURE Ethiopia, a mission hospital which offers free reconstructive surgery to children who are disabled with conditions such as clubfoot, deformed legs and severe scarring after burns.  Many children and their families receive the love of Jesus, through the care given by all the staff and counselling and friendship offered by the pastoral team.

Currently he is treating two sisters, aged 2 and 6 both of whom have severe clubfoot deformities. Because of this ‘curse’, their family have become outcasts in their small village in the countryside, and the girls have sadly spent their entire lives hidden away in inside their hut. With counselling and love, they and their family are slowly realising that God loves them and they have the chance of a very different future.

Rachel, a GP, helps to lead the GP training programme at Addis Ababa University and works alongside the Ethiopian Christian Medical Fellowship, leading evangelism training and discipleship.  In January this year, Ethiopia’s first ever Family Physicians graduated, which was a cause for great celebration, and this year’s new intake of 12 doctors is the largest yet.  She has also had the opportunity to work with the Ministry of Health and regulatory bodies in areas of curriculum development and medical ethics.

Matt, Bekah and Joel attend Bingham academy, and international school in Addis run by SIM where they have made a lot of friends and are doing well.

They will be back in Leeds in July and August and look forward to meeting up with St George’s friends old and new.