Mission Partner Update

Charles & Jocelyne Montagu, serve with Arab World Ministry of Pioneers in Media Outreach to the Arab World and are based in Worthing

Christian outreach through the Media is definitely changing! Thanks to the internet, wifi and phone apps, people are able to get in contact with Arabic Christian websites, Satellite TV and radio ministries more quickly and easily than ever before. It’s a great opportunity for Christian believers, whether they are full time workers or not. Witness this extract from a message we received from Yemen:

I felt a tremendous spiritual struggle… but then something very strange happened. I don’t know if it was from God, but I don’t think it was chance. I got to know someone through playing an internet game and we began to talk about religion. He said to me: ‘the God I know is not like the God you know.’ He told me he was a Christian and gave me a Coptic Orthodox website to look at. I visited it and I read there a proof from the Quran that Jesus is God. The whole direction of the battle turned right around and the light of Christ rose in my heart. But I still have struggles and sometimes I feel afraid. But I talk to my Lord and my heart is filled with his light.

This man has been in regular contact with us and after some exchanges he agreed to let us put him in touch with another believer in his city, who has since baptised him.

Charles’ role is changing to become one of coordination between our seven national workers, in Beirut, Cairo, Marseille and Brazil, and the friends and partners who make follow up visits on the ground. It is great to read reports of meetings taking place.

Jocelyne keeps busy as the office manager and receptionist. Her kind welcome to visitors is always appreciated.

Edward was baptised in June and will be working for another year as a youth pastor at Holy Trinity Hastings. Emily will be living with us at home for a year, studying at a college in Brighton. She is taking a one year access course, in order to be able to apply to university for biomedical courses (e.g. Dietetics) starting in 2017. Robert worked very hard for his ‘A’ levels and was rewarded with good results and a place to study Maths at Bath University, his first choice, starting on 26th September. He will be baptised on Sunday 11th September.

Thank you to all at StG’s for your prayers and concern for us!