Mission Partner Update

Sarah has lived and worked in the Middle East for the last six years.  She is now living in a stable capital city; a haven from the turbulence in the surrounding countries. 

Sarah leads the Primary school in an international school for expats living in the city.  There are 180 children in the school, from age 6 to age 18.  Almost all the families who attend the school are working amongst the poor and needy and helping to build up the growing local church. 

There is much transition involved in international education, with people coming and going all the time.  Sarah is very grateful that she has only three new members of staff in her department this year.  The school was set up over 20 years ago by some families who came together to teach their home-schooled children.  Sarah and the others in the leadership team have been working hard to help the school to become more professional and standardised.  This is a long process and there is much still to be done.  There is also the tension of desiring excellence and high standards when all the staff are volunteers. 

Sarah also enjoys teaching Art to all the Primary school students, filling the school with colourful and wonderful displays.  She has re-written and revamped the history and geography curricula in every grade level, as well tidying up and reorganising many areas of the school. 

Sarah has seen children and families struggle with transition in the past; moving from one place to another can very stressful, especially if the move has been sudden and has not been done well.  She runs seminars for staff, families and children to help them to leave her country well and to enter the new country well.  She is currently developing a transition programme which will support families by giving information, providing a place for people to share their experiences, thoughts and feelings, as well as practical tips on transitioning well.

Sarah is involved in her local Anglican church and is looking to extend her social life this year.  With a much stronger staff team this year, she is looking forward to having more time outside of school, both physically and mentally.

Please pray for a good start to the school year; that the teachers would not be overwhelmed with all that needs to be done; for a PE teacher to join our staff; for strong, positive relationships to be built within the school, for unity within the leadership team.  Please pray for the ability to mentally ‘switch-off’ from work to enable more capacity to do other things, like learning the local language.

Sarah says: ‘It is such a privilege to serve in the way that I do; meeting the needs of these families so that they can serve so generously.  Thank you for all your support and prayers - I’m so glad that St G’s is behind me in this!’

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