Stand as One: Risk

Mark Harlow


We are at a point of transition at St George’s; but Our Vision of Sharing Life and Loving Leeds continues in our four practices to: Preach Jesus, Make Disciples, Serve the City and Send Out Leaders. These points of transition can be challenging but can equally open up potential opportunities for us. As we move forward, it is important that we ’Stand as One’ in both the challenges and opportunities.

Last week, in our sermon series we talked about ‘Risk’ - that when decisive moments come which can change the future for an individual or a community they will involve risk. As followers of Jesus, these decisive moments come out of prayer because “the risk starts with prayer”. We pray that God will give us vision, as he did for Cornelius and Peter in Acts 10. This vision may lead us into risks of reputation and resource as we are called to see the Kingdom of God grow. As church we'll be 'starting with prayer' this month, gathering together to pray as a church family, on Tuesday 31st January at 7:30pm in the St George’s Centre. It is our hope that as each of us pray through this period that we will be open to the vision of God in our own lives, our communities, workplaces, and networks.

This is something St George’s has a long history in. When Don Robins opened the Crypt beneath the church in the 1930’s it was a risk; when Community Church was planted across the bridge it was a risk; when we were invited to partner with Wrangthorn it was a risk and when Lighthouse was established it was a risk. All of these required a risk of resource, and a risk of reputation, but started from a place of praying with eyes open to the opportunities around us. We have an opportunity for a new risk at this time as we explore a new partnership with another church in Leeds, but it is a risk that has started from prayer and we will be guided through the process in prayer.


However, we need not live in the fear of risk - because “the risk ends with Jesus.” It is not that we will not be afraid or wrestle with thoughts of success or failure, but that we will not be defined by that success or failure, fear or doubt, because we are defined by Jesus and it is his life that defines us.

For to live is Christ, to die is gain.
— Philippians 1:21

It is in the hope of Jesus that we 'Stand as One'. 

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