Seeking God in Every Season

Joanna Seabourne

Associate Rector

Over the last nine months, I have had the privilege of stepping back from work to concentrate on caring for a new baby and learning how to be a mum.  It has been such a gift from God to be able to have this time and a huge challenge as I sought to learn a vast new range of skills and ways of doing life. There has been laughter and tears in abundance. During it all, one of the main challenges that faces all new parents, is working out new patterns of spending time with God.  

When every time you sit to pray you fall asleep you need to try a different tack. With a little one who is always more cheerful when outdoors this has meant for me a lot of prayer walking. Listening to God as I walk miles and miles pushing a pram has been a life line for me.

It’s not just babies that cause us to have to rethink our patterns of life. Whenever a change comes through a new job, ill health, the needs of those we care for, or circumstances around us, we have to ensure that in the midst of it all, we find new patterns of prayer. Even when it comes to something like the summer holidays we’re presented with both new opportunities and new challenges for our daily time with God. Are you able to take more time with God during the summer season? Are you able to visit new places and get new God perspectives on the world? Or are you battling with having to work extra hard to cover the jobs for those who are away?

This September we face a new season as a church, as Lizzy is licensed as Rector on the 2nd of September. Do be praying for Lizzy and her family as they move to Leeds in August. Pray for them as they get used to a whole new way of life and for good new patterns.

For us as a church, we need to ensure that our priority is listening to God for what he has to say to us in this new season.

Whatever the challenges of your season at this moment, may you find ways of connecting with God and know the privilege of hearing him speak in the day to day.

I’ll keep walking!