In May around a hundred of the city's Jews, Christians and Muslims gathered under the banner 'Standing Together' to declare their support for one another as people of faith and to say 'no' to the use of violence in the name of religion. Those attending thought it important for members of the three faiths to have more, in depth conversations. As a result the following conversations are now being organised: 

September 18th: Bringing up Young People in Our Faith Traditions 

October 30th: Fundamentalism in Our Three Faiths

20th November: Violence in the Name of Faith

11 December: Do We All Worship the One God? 

Conversations take place on Sunday afternoons and involve faith members talking with one another in small groups of around 6 to 8. We are also planning visits to worship services of the three faiths. 

Enquiries: (Please head your email 'Standing Together')