11 Dec - Phillipians 2:1-16


Each year I go away on a summer camp.  Its great fun.  Three weeks of 100 teenagers, fun, community, Jesus and seeing lives changed.  It's run by these good friends of mine, they're quite busy and important people, well respected with impressive jobs.  

The thing about taking over a hundred teenagers away is that there are a lot of things to do, and often not fun things.  Sometimes some of the naughty kids will stuff the toilet with loo roll.  Or there are thousands of onions to chop for dinner.  And this guy who leads the camp, with his impressive job title and tremendous responsibilities, is there, with his hand down the u-bend clearing it out.  Or in the kitchen with tears streaming down his face, chopping more onions.  

He could so easily send or make someone else do those jobs, but they're the worst jobs.  They're the disgusting and uncomfortable ones.  So he does them himself.  

And it reminds me a lot of Jesus, especially in this passage in Philippians.  Jesus, the most important human being ever to live, stoops low to stick his hand down the toilet and to chop onions.  He didn't use his status as God to his advantage.  Instead he humbled himself.  He did all that he could for the sake of you and me.  He lowered himself, lower than we could ever lower ourselves.  

And then because of God's topsy-turvy-upside-down economy, He ends up exaulted above all things.  

So, want to be honoured? Find the most disgusting thing you can do, and do it.

Michael Ridley