12 Dec - Revelation 21:1-8


This passage paints a beautiful picture of what happens after Jesus second coming.  

  1. Jesus' bride, the church, that's us, will have been prepared, ready to meet her new husband.  Not in a weird wedding-night way, but in a fully committed to each other, overflowing with love, united and self-giving way.  
  2. God is now dwelling among his people.  This has been true since the death and of Jesus and the ripping of the temple curtain, but it seems to be something extra emphasised here.  Perhaps it means that we can't ignore his presence among us now.  Living on this side of heaven, it's possible not to acknowledge God's presence, but on the other side, we'll be so overwhelmingly aware of it.
  3. Jesus will comfort us.  All the scars and wounds of life that we've picked up will be bandaged and soothed by Jesus.  He will not stop us crying, but will wipe the tears away.  He will tend to us and calm our deepest fears.
  4. Sickness pain and death will have gone.  Jesus has swallowed up these things in his victory over the grave.  And we shall see that victory come into full effect when Jesus triumphantly returns as King of the universe.
  5. Finally, Jesus is making all things new.  Dont read this as it all going in the bin and we're starting again.  More like stripping it down, and cleaning and redeeming all the parts and putting it back together without the sin.  


Michael Ridley