13 Dec - John 13:1-20


One of my many flaws in life is the expectation of good customer service.  For a couple of years I worked in quite high-end retail and had to provide an excellent standard of service and so I have come to expect it in others.  I am quick to compliment good service, but I am also quick to criticise.  I expect good service from people who's job it is to provide service, but wouldn't expect it from someone who's job it isn't.

But when you read this passage where Jesus washes his disciples feet, that is a whole other level of service.   It's like the CEO of Tescos has come to stack shelves and sit at the till.  Or the Minister for Education has become a TA for the day.  Or Gordon Ramsey has started working behind the counter in Mc Donalds.

And Jesus washes his disciples feet.  The creator of all things, has stooped down to wash his friends feet.  Because he is full of humility.

Who's feet can you wash today?

Michael Ridley