14 Dec - John 1:1-18


Think back to applying for University.  Writing the UCAS application form.  The difficulty of picking which university.  And the behemoth of a personal statement.  That essay about who you are and why you should be accepted to whichever establishment you want to go to.  The cringey quotes and the various guides on how to start and what to include.  How to show you're clever, but not just book-smart.  How to include everything about who you are yet constrained to that 1000 word limit.

The start of John is like Jesus' personal statement.  It tells us exactly who He is - The Word.  It tells us what he's good at - shining in the darkness.  It tells us what he wants to do - make the Father known.  It tells us about his other interests - making children of God.  

But unlike yours of my personal statement, it doesn't paper over our cracks, because there are no cracks in Jesus.  He has no weakness.  And again, unlike our personal statements, we're not hoping that we might be accepted.  Jesus' personal statement is like the personal statment of the applicant with full set of A* at GCSE and A-Level.  He's the applicant with Universities fighting over him, offering scholarships.  Infact his personal statement is so good universities are asking him to apply.  

Yes, the analogy gets stretched.  And Jesus isn't trying to apply anywhere.  Infact, he doesn't want to join anything.  He was us to join him in glorifying the Father.

Michael Ridley