17 Dec - Matthew 2:1-12


The wise men are really interesting.  There is so much about them that I find fascinating.

They were men of great importance.  Having been able to firstly afford the gifts they gave and the myths that surround them it is likely that they were kings.  And their job was most likely that of astrologers.  And they would have come from afar.  I am struck by that even just at the sight of a star they understand that this foretells the birth of the King.  And the come to worship him.   They drop everything and come to worship.  God has flung everything into being in such a way that even the stars precipitate worship of Jesus.

And the gifts.  Some of the most prophetic items ever given.  Gold for a king.  Crowns and sceptres are made of gold.  Pointing towards the revelation of Jesus as King of Kings. Frankincense is costly and expensive, but they know that this little baby is worth it, hinting at the worship that He deserves, costly and fragrant.  And myrrh, the smell of death, that corpses would have been smothered in to hide the odour, pointing towards Jesus death even at his birth.

Michael Ridley