2 Dec - Zecheriah 9:9-17

Christmas is a great time for many reasons.  And one of them is the adverts. It seems each year, the big corporations try to out do one another with a more impressive or tear jerking advert.  John Lewis, Sainsbury's, Lloyds, a whole myriad or more and more impressive adverts designed to overwhelm and awe.  

And that can often be the thinking trend, bigger, more impressive, more noisy, more emotive is always better.  But what if it's not.  What if there is something in humility.  Look at v9.  'Your king come to you ... lowly and riding on a donkey.' If that's the advert for the promised King then it's not about the impressiveness or might.  Its not about shock and awe.  

The headline banner for this section on what God is going to to through this promised King is about humility and humanity.  God wants his people to know first and foremost that this promised King is going to be approachable, knowable.  

But he is also going to 'rule from sea to sea' v10.  He is going to be King of all the earth, but his reign will be that of peace.  He will save his people, and his people will be precious to Him, v16.  

How excellent is that?  That this humble, saving king is going to rule, and that we, his people, are precious to him?!  To be the object of his affection.    

Make time today to remind yourself that this coming Messiah is King, is humble, and He thinks you are fantastic.

Michael Ridley