3 Dec - Micah 5:1-5



One of my favourite things about Christmas is the films that get shown.  And usually there are a decent amount of either Bond films or murder mystery films, often a Poirot.  And the key to solving the murder, or James saving the world, is this little insignificant piece of information or gadget that was subtly dropped in near the beginning.

And todays passage reminds us of the importance of  the seemingly insignificant.  God chooses to come down in an insignificant place in an insignificant way to change the world forever.  

Bethlehem is, as we read, the smallest amongst the clans of Judah.  It's barely even worth counting.  Yet it will bear host to the most significant event and human being that has ever existed or will ever exist.  

And this seems to be the way that God works.  Her uses the foolish to shame the wise, he uses the weak to overcome the strong, he uses the insignifiant to highlight the important.  

But although he comes from a small clan, he will be ruler over Israel, over all the earth.  He will stand and shepherd his flock, he will be our peace.  Out of this little place will come one of strength and majesty.

As you go through today, ask yourself, "Where am I missing God in the insignificant?". 

Michael Ridley