8 Dec - Hebrews 1

Why do we worship Jesus?  Is it because he's quite good?  Because he's done some nice things for us?  Because he has saved us?  Even before Jesus went to the cross, He was worthy of worship, so it has to be something more than what happened on the cross.  It has to be more than the life that he lived.  There has to be a bigger answer.  Because God's intention was never for sin, and yet the only reason that Jesus had to die was because of sin.  But since the beginning of time, before creation and sin and death, Jesus has been worth worshipping.

I think v3 of Hebews ch 1, sums it up the reason why we worship beautifully, "The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word"

Jesus is sustaining ALL THINGS.  That's literally all things.  Not most things or some things, but all things.  And he is doing it by His word.  And he doesn't do it for His sake, he does it for our sake.  Jesus is keeping all things going by His word for us to enjoy.

Jesus by his word is keeping all things on earth in motion.  By his word the moon revolves around the earth, which revolves around the sun, which revolves around the rest of the galaxy.  

By his word electrons attract and repel each other keeping all matter from crashing in on itself or floating off into outer space.

By his word sugar is reacting with oxygen to create energy sustaining all forms of life.

He is sustaining literally all things by his word.  

If that's not worshipping, I don't know what is.

Michael Ridley