9 Dec - Revelation 19:1-16


At Christmas we get this image of God in our heads of a little baby.  Sleeping on some hay in a manger.  Not even crying when the cows go moo.  And this image sometimes carries on with Jesus as he grows up.  Gentle Jesus, meek and mild.  Sometimes it feels as if Jesus was a bit of a push-over.  

But then we read passages like Revelation 19.  And there is no way that Jesus was a pushover.  Riding in on the back of a white horse, brandishing a massive sword, with a tattoo saying KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.

Now if there ever was an image as far removed from the baby in the stable it's that one.  But there aren't two people.  Its not as if there is nice Jesus and nasty Jesus.  He doesn't have a split personality.  It's the same Jesus throughout.  The first time he chooses to come in humility and lowliness.  But the second time he will come to crush his enemies.  The first time he came in obscurity, but the second time he will come and all will know. 

Michael Ridley