Welcome to our blogs!

Over the summer we'll be posting blogs and videos each week for you to think and pray through to encourage you while you're away. They'll all be related to the Academy of Life series that is linked to St George's - if you haven't heard of this there are 7 signs of life:

True life - 'knowing and living the Word', knowing our relationship to God, each other and the world, and living out our identity putting the truth of the Bible into practice

Full life - 'asking and receiving the Holy Spirit', being filled, led and empowered by the Spirit

Shared life - 'loving one another freely', being a community that has open doors to welcome others, open hearts that are vulnerable, offering forgiveness and encouragement, and open hands where we share practically and meet others needs

Deep life - 'growing roots in the Father's love', spending time with God, clearing space for Him and being pruned by Him by being open to what He has to say to us

Pure life - 'living in freedom from sin', by recognising, repenting and replacing our sin with Jesus' love and forgiveness

Serving life - 'serving others from the heart', serving wholeheartedly, following the call that God has placed on our lives, and serving the poor

Bold life - 'joining the work of the Kingdom', taking part in mission by being motivated by promise of God's kingdom to come, by demonstrating His kingdom and by inviting people to join it


So look out for the blogs to come - we really want to help you guys to stay connected and encouraged over the summer! We would absolutely welcome any comments or thoughts.

Rachael Fox