God is on the Move

I see a picture of Europe frozen over and covered in Boreal forests, a forest that is classically found in Arctic regions. They establish themselves on frozen soil called permafrost, preventing roots from reaching deep in the soil. They classically grow in one unchanging season and are unable to produce fruit or flowers; they are simply in survival mode.

God is on the move. Get ready for your landscape to change.

I then saw the frost begin to thaw, roots reach deeper in the soil and the ice melt. This led to deciduous forests replacing the former Boreal forest. Water that was once locked up in the permafrost is now being released to bring life to the new deciduous forest. The once small pine leaves become broad open leaves with an array of vibrant colours. The once frozen lakes are replaced by might torrents of water flowing through the valleys. This was always the original intention for this land, to have deeper, richer soils that produce flowers and advance. When the ice starts melting then the landscape becomes unpredictable, dynamic, beautiful, and uncontainable. Life starts to come from what was once a barren landscape.

God is on the move. Get ready for your landscape to change.

I believe God has called us to pray for a changing landscape across Europe. Where churches that have been in survival mode would come back to their original intention; to come to life, blossom and advance.  I am praying for a movement of Gods spirit across Europe that can’t be controlled or contained by man, a movement that changes a stagnant landscape to a widespread network of rivers and waterfalls connecting every community across Europe. Our job is to simply get ready, get ready for the landscape to change. To not be afraid but to let Gods mighty Kingdom Come in this dry and weary land where there is no water.

God is on the move. Get ready for your landscape to change.

Juliet Radmall

Mission Intern

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