Full Life: It Starts with the Spirit

Post by Rob Surgenor!


This week at Central we continued looking through Academy of Life. In ‘Full Life’, we explored living a life filled by the Holy Spirit by looking at His relationship with Jesus, the early church, and us. This was to help us learn from and follow these examples.

It’s all pretty exciting - just look at what the Spirit is doing in people’s lives! Helen and Ellen (#Rhyming) shared their testimonies from the Weekend Away - and that’s only scratching the surface. He is working in all our lives, whether we know it or not.

So Where Do We Go From Here?

If you want a life of unbridled inner-freedom, a character that’s bursting with joy, and a mind overflowing with peace, you can discover these things as you live a life filled by, and walking in  relationship with the Holy Spirit.

I was pretty hyped - how could I not be I am super excited about the Spirit and what He is doing! But this wasn’t always my attitude.


My Story

I was raised in a Church where the concept of a living Holy Spirit wasn’t contested, nor was it embraced - He simply wasn’t mentioned.

I had no experience or frame of reference for the gifts of the Spirit, how to receive them, or why God gave them to us.

I went to uni a bit put off and skeptical; I had seen nothing dramatic and wasn’t sure I would. But over the next year my heart began to shift, my faith grew and I began to see God do things in my life and the lives around me.

I began to encounter, pretty much for the first time, the Holy Spirit in worship and in private devotion.

I began to see the Spirit give gifts and heal lives and started to realise that none of this is for us, but for His glory!


Your Turn

And so I want to encourage you: ask to be filled by the Spirit this week! See where He is leading you. Walking with Him will transform your life.

I'm excited to hear stories of how He uses you all!

Jack Garford