Community and Communion

The beauty of Communion is that it’s not something that can be done as an individual, it’s something that can only be done by a group of people who gather and share in the fact that they need Jesus. 

The Lords prayer has an interesting request half way through it: ‘give us today our daily bread’ and for most of us here, being at uni with this independent lifestyle is relatively new to us. Suddenly, our meals aren’t just cooked for us and ready on the table when we get home. Or our laundry isn’t washed and ironed. We’re learning to be independent, self sufficient and self reliant. Whilst working our backsides off to get that 1st or that 2:1. 

The reality of Jesus is that we can all come before him with our often failed attempts to make a name for ourselves. Or to succeed in meeting expectations of others. Pleasing them or even ourselves. We can be open and honest with Him and say ‘i gave it my best shot, but I actually can’t do this.’ It doesn’t matter how many societies we join, how we fill our time with socialising or studying or saying yes to commitment after commitment. That stuff isn’t going to sustain us. It might do for a while, but it’s not going to last. 

When we take communion, we are saying “yes” to being reliant on Jesus. We’re saying “sorry” for trying to do it on our own, and we’re saying “thank you” for the reality that Jesus is enough. Jesus is more than enough, he satisfies more than degrees, social acceptance, boyfriends and girlfriends and even food and sleep. 

When we share in communion we are joining together, not as individuals, and sharing in our brokeness. And that’s okay. It’s not about comparing our faults, or who needs salvation more. It’s coming alongside one another, putting our differences, upbringings and culture aside and acknowledging we are children of God. Not one of us ‘needs’ God more than anyone else, because Jesus died not for one, but for all of us. 

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