Called to Overseas Mission?

God is Calling

By whatever process you arrived at being a follower of Jesus, it was in response to God's call.  But God's call on your life doesn't stop there -  and there is no greater joy than using your skills, your gifts, your passions and your unique personality to serve God where he calls you.

For some this calling will be to help build God's kingdom overseas and I am writing to encourage you to consider whether this might be true for you. 

Two important things to start with: God often calls the most unlikely people to serve him overseas (so don't rule yourself out!) and, as with any other call from God, a call to serve overseas may start with a gentle nudge - not everyone has a dramatic and unmistakable voice from Heaven.

So how might you discover a call to overseas mission?  Here are some things you can do:

·       Start by telling God you're open to serving him overseas (every Christian should be able to do that!), and ask your friends to pray for you to hear God's call to wherever he wants you to be.

·       Talk to other Christians who are waiting on God's calling.  St George's has a facebook Group called StG's Sparks that you can join that brings together people who want to explore overseas mission as a possibility.

·       Look at some relevant websites (eg WEC, Frontiers, Serving in Mission, Interserve, YWAM, Latin Link, AIM International) and see if you get excited by the work described there.

·       Read some inspirational stories of what God is doing around the World; God often speaks through the testimony of others.

·       Go on a short term mission trip. The Global Connections booklet "Serve Short-term 2016" available on St George's bookstall gives details of lots of opportunities.  St George's has a fund for supporting short term mission; most applications for a grant from this fund are successful.

If you believe God is calling you to mission overseas, then start a relationship with a mission agency and come and talk to people on St George's Overseas Mission Committee.  Together we can help you test your calling.

If this isn't for you, you can still support overseas mission.  Find out about what our mission partners are doing and commit to praying for one or more. Sign up to 'Global Net' and you'll receive short emails giving you their stories and prayer needs.

God is at work across the World in amazing ways.  Whether at home or overseas, you can be part of this.

Stuart Roberts

Stgs Online