Alongside Sundays, small groups and networks are where we share life together.

Meeting around Leeds, they are a great place to make friends, build community and learn together.

Groups usually meet weekly for Bible study and prayer, and some eat together. There is a huge variety of groups, so you can find one that suits you.

To join a small group or network


Small Group Map - Jul 18.jpg

Small Groups all over Leeds


Special groups


Student Central Network

Thursdays 7.30pm at StGs Centre


International Student Network

Thursdays 7.30pm at St Gs Centre


Dialogue and Reconciliation

Various locations and times. A group interested in promoting peace in Israel/Palestine and the wider Middle East, and engaging with Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities here in Leeds.


Farsi Network

Tuesdays 6pm at St G’s Centre. A group of Farsi speakers who meet to worship and encourage one another in their mother tongue.

گروه فارسي

سه شنبه ها عصر ساعت ٥:٣٠ در كليساي سنت جورج ليدز. گروهي از فارسي زبانان كه به صورت هفتگي ملاقات ، و به زبان مادري پرستش و دعا ميكنند.


Extra Time Network

Various locations and times. A group of over 50s, who meet in a variety of ways, including Table Talk, a monthly gathering Wednesdays 12pm at St Gs Centre for Holy Communion, a talk, and a cooked lunch.


Walking group

3rd Saturday of the month, 10am Yorkshire Dales. A group of all ages who usually walk between 10 and 13 miles on pre-planned routes.
For details of walks and the team, please download information HERE